The writer within...

Posted by Amanda Abiola on August 5, 2011 at 10:20 AM

The writer within...

When you write it is much like speaking on paper or keyboard as the technology gets better.  Alot of people ask me how do you think of things to write, 

Well i write about the things around me, about what i do everyday or what i see, if i walk to the grocery store i write about that and what my son has said to me while walking. 

I see life as it comes and what God has intended for me, I dont pressure myself in to writing any old stuff, but if you just sit at a computer screen there will be something that you can write. There is a news article on TV that disturb you, or there is something going on outside your house and you just have to speak about it, or your son or daughter did something funny at the store and you had to write it down. It doesn't matter what you write about JUST WRITE.

I love to writie about what my son has told me lately he is two years old now and everythng comes out of his mouth he is very talkative and a chatterbox just like his mommy, hahaha. He enjoys the outdoors going for nature walks, going fishing, camping etc. and there is lots to see and write about when you are doing those things. 

Hope this helps you find things to write about, and don't forget always see things in a different prospective than everyone else, think outside the box. 

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