Radio Commercial Copy


Client: Rogers' Communications Inc.


Docket#: Radio


Date: May 1st 2007


Ad name: Rogers Communication


Ad# 1


Length: 30 seconds





(Rogers ringtones going off, voice of

young active teenagers in the background, yelling and shouting to one another)



Rogers operates Canada's only GSM/GPRS network the world standard for wireless communications. The enhanced network with the cutting EDGE technology, a next generation technique

that provides even higher-speed transmissions for wireless data, and is the key to being Canada's number one medium.


Rogers wireless; the number one for your connections.




Rogers’s logo music.






Radio Copy




Client: Jimmy Pattison Toyota                      Draft Number: 1


Project Name: Pattison Toyota                     Date: June 18th 2007


Length: 30 seconds                                      Page: 1




Background music (lively, jazzy with a hint of dance music)                


Voice over:

(Female with very seductive, sexy voice)


See the sun sunshine, imagine the days of the classical of old, driving down to the diner with your top down of your old Toyota.

Cruising to the drive-in theater seeing that old movie flick, eating those yummy old hot dogs and a big gulp of coke-a-cola. Take your girl; kiss her in the back seat.


Those were the days…


Do you long for those days again?


Jimmy Pattison Toyota can give you those days back again

Don’t delay get yourself down there now…for some great deals…