Amanda?s Creative Services

Amanda's Creative Services strives to offer creative and persuasive writing as its premier service.


Amanda's Creative Services is one of the only companies internationally to offer creative and persuasive writing as its high-end service. Writing and information marketing is my core focus -- that means I build your projects around thoroughly researched, solidly planned, no-filler-fluff content. I craft the words that quarterback your ideas, and close your sale.

With more than 8 years experience in business writing and media relations,  
I founded Amanda's Creative Services in 2002, forming and leading teams of creative professionals for marketing communications and advertising projects for a wide variety of clients.

My career includes success as a freelance writer for local, regional and national magazines, including Golf Digest and Success Magazine, where I earned a reputation as a skilled interviewer. My articles have covered golf, business, executive and corporate profiles, early childhood, Veterinary medicine, tourism and lifestyle.
Currently, I write for En route Magazine, a national magazine, and act as an International marketing consultant for an artist in Nigeria.

I am not an agency. But I work like one.

Amanda's Creative Services is known for gold-standard talent, innovativing projects, exceeding expectations and delighting clients with the results.

A Freelance Copywriter Transforms Your Company...and the results speak for themselves. A powerful combination of professionally written marketing copywriting will benefit your business in three ways:

 --increasing your sales through targeted website traffic
 --creating continuity in your marketing materials on and off line
 --portraying an image of trust, credibility and confidence in the eyes of your customers

     Effective copy works like a one-to-one conversation. In order for it to convince and motivate, how it "talks" is just as important as what it says.

Whatever your copywriting project, call me today,

and make me the freelance copywriter who will take your

business to a next level.

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